Divyaheadshot cropped Sharma is Administrator and Researcher for Sustainable Canada Dialogues. She is Project Coordinator of Acting on Climate Change: Indigenous Innovations, a project of Dr. Potvin's Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Fellowship.






Lady Edianis Mancilla H.was research and administrative assistant as well as fund manager of all research projects associated with the UNESCO-McGill Chair in Panama until 2018. Lady was responsible for overseeing an inter-sectorial working council created to develop a proposal for a conflict resolution mechanism as an important tool for REDD+ implementation in Panama.





natalie f

Natalie Richards was co-coordinator of Sustainable Canada Dialogues alongside Dr. Potvin from 2014–2015. In addition, through participatory techniques of visioning and pathway designing, Natalie helped a range of communities in Canada articulate key characteristics of their ideal futures.





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Laura Cameron contributed to Sustainable Canada Dialogues from 2014–2015 via her Biology honours thesis project. Specifically, Laura helped implement a participatory method known as “visioning” to ensure that the needs and desires of Canadians agree with proposed solutions for sustainability. Laura examined past initiatives that used similar citizen-based methods to determine communities’ desires for the future and conducted a meta­-analysis of desired futures created by communities across Canada with the aim of identifying regional commonalities in communities' visions.




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Martine Larouche worked with Dr. Potvin from 2014–2015 as coordinator of Linking Action and Research on Sustainability (LARS), a joint project funded by the McGill’s Sustainability Project Fund with Dr. Elena Bennett from the Department of Natural Resource Sciences and McGill School of Environment. LARS was designed to provide visibility for McGill scholars who are working on positive contributions and solutions to sustainability. One of its activities was to help researchers communicate their research and their vision for sustainability to a broad audience through videos. Martine worked as the Dialogues for Sustainability/ pour un avenir durable Facebook page manager during that period.



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Rosine Faucher worked with Sustainable Canada Dialogues from 2013–2014. She facilitated a Delphi Survey to reach a consensus of recommendations proposed by the scholars. After finishing the Delphi survey management, Rosine helped prepare information for the focus groups which substantiated the recommendations made to the federal government.